About Us

The purpose of Institutional Research & Data Analytics is to provide accurate and consistent data and reporting to guide the university community in its planning, assessment, and compliance.

Our goal is to provide data and analytics (dashboards, surveys, reports, etc.) for both internal and external reporting that will guide operational units such as academics, enrollment, student engagement, athletics, and administrative areas. The tools provided will improve data literacy across the community and improve the confidence in using the available self-service tools.

We manage the data and deliver reports to external agencies such as the State of Georgia (e.g. GICA), Federal reports (e.g. IPEDS), accreditation agencies (e.g. SACS-COC and CCE) and higher education ranking and marketing agencies such as U.S News Report, Petersons, College Board, Winter Green and Orchard House.

We provide consultation and partnership for both quantitative and qualitative survey research assisting in design, and methodology for national as well as inhouse surveys to students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Staff Directory

Jerome Stockwell
Associate VP Institutional Strategy, Analytics, and Solutions
Phone: 770.426.2684
Email: Jerome.Stockwell@LIFE.edu

Troy Tani
Executive Director Of Operational Technology

Howard G. Wright, Ed.D.
Director of Institutional Research
Phone: 770.426.2784
Email: Howard.Wright@LIFE.edu

Benjamin A. Martin, Ph.D.
Senior Business Intelligence Analyst
Phone: 770.426.2806
Email: Benjamin.Martin2@LIFE.edu

Danquarius Hill (Q)
Data Warehouse Coordinator
Email: Danquarius.Hill@LIFE.edu